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Electric installation fasteners
Round Nail-type cable bracket
Flat Nail-type cable bracket
Dowel-collar for cable fixation
Dowel for cable bonding
Dowel for cable bonding
Holder of fastening strap
Pipe Holder
Products for roofing
Protective lid
Nails for roofing
Products for civil-repairing works
Tile spacers and head-boards
Jacks and spacers for steel reinforcing
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Extra products
Cartridge for drinking water flagons
Plastic toy-bricks
Application field
Application field
Advanced products
Advanced products

   An industrial company Baltplasts RKF was registered in 2001. The basic field of activity of the company is production and wholesale trade of plastic products such as:

   - Electro install products (plastic round or flat cable holders, dowels collars, staples for fastening of pipes in different size);

   - Products for civil-repair works (plastic wedge tiles, furniture fixators and spacers, roofing nails,protective lids);

   - Extra products: (toys, drinking water containers).

Clients of the company are wholesale traders and shop-chains in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. Present day we open to our selves opportunities in markets of Finland, Sweden, Poland and Czech Republic.

Main suppliers of the equipment and materials we use are companies from Latvia, Germany, Poland and Finland.

As well we offer planning and producing of technical equipment for processing / recycling of plastic or molding it on compression molds of the customer.

We increase assortment of products every year. 

The company Baltplasts RKF attaches special significance to quality of our products and watches that it was exclusive. In 2005 the company received certificate of international standard ISO 9001: 2000.

Nowadays production of the company is certified according SE standards.